Haven’t been here

I know I should be writing more, but let me give you 23 excuses why I haven’t.

-I’m in school and it’s been hectic with finals going on right now.

-I had to write a feature screenplay to turn in for my screenwriting classes.

-I had to write an essay on the Coen brothers for my World Cinema Class.

-I got a new kitten named Kylo Ren, very spontaneously, and have been trying to get him adjusted to our older cat.

-Blah, blah, blah.

But a lot had been going on recently. My mother is a widow, but she reunited with her high school boyfriend over the past year, and they just got engaged a couple weeks ago. Talk about having to work through some problems. He’s the exact opposite of my dad and it’s been weird. My dad was an introverted, quiet, pensive man, where her fiancé talks so fast it doesn’t seem that he takes breaths. He is loud and loves to hug and touch people. And it is just very much for me. They plan on getting married later this summer.

My mom is a preacher as well and she’s moving to a different church. We’ve been at this church for almost 8 years (most preachers only stay 4), and she’s actually been moved to a church in the town her now-fiancé lives in, talk about God’s hand moving in mysterious ways.

So we have to pack up the house so that she can move there by the end of June. My mom’s renting an apartment for my brother to live in so he can finish high school in our hometown. We’re trying to figure out where our cats can live. It’s expensive to pay for each animal to live in an apartment, but if my mom lives with her fiancé, he has two giant bulldogs, and I don’t see them getting along.

I have a lot of change going on in my life right now. At least, that’s what it feels like. I just hope I can handle it all well.