So. Tired.

Oh my gosh, I am tired. I’m a person that needs sleep. Not too much, but definitely not any less than 8 hours of it.

I go to film school and each year we are in school, we get to make a movie with our peers. Each year, the productions get bigger and fewer actually get made, but I’m a second year, and our productions are going out to shoot currently. I know that I love film and all of that (I want to go into editing), but oh my gosh, do I not like being on set. I don’t like waiting around, I don’t like people waiting on me, and I don’t like being with people for a prolonged amount of time, which is everything a film set is. I’m lucky I want to be an editor. I can sit in a dark room by myself for as long or as little as I want.



The Beginning

I’m not too sure about blogging. I have never blogged very much before, but I am attempting screenwriting along with editing in my schooling, and have been very much stuck with my writing lately. I think that writing regularly will help with that a little bit, even though it isn’t in a fictitious or screenplay format.

So hi! If someone reads this. This is more for me, really, but my name is Kinsey. I don’t know how much information to reveal on this website, as I am slightly Internet paranoid. You know what? Instead of this being strictly a journaling format for me, I’m going to do writing exercises, for the whole world to see. (Yay?)

I have a book called 642 Things to Write About, so I think that I shall use it.

First prompt!:

“A houseplant is dying. Tell it why it needs to live.”

(I’m assuming it’s my fault the plant is dying)

Mr. Plant,

You need to live for a little while longer because you bring a little more happiness into my life. I know it’s selfish of me to want to possibly continue your suffering, but I hope that if you allow me to continue to take care of you, I can do better and make you the most beautiful, healthy plant I have ever seen.

I know that sometimes I leave and forget to have someone water you. You may be growing out of that pot, but I’ll buy you a new one! I’ll buy you anything you want if you just stay with me! Just a little while longer. You make the air that I breathe, you bring life other than myself into my tiny, desolate room. You inspire me to appreciate nature more. Because what is more awesome than photosynthesis?! You can make food for yourself out of sunlight!

If I make this promise and commitment to you today, I hope that we can continue to grow (huh?) in our relationship. That we can plant our roots (huh? huh?) deep into the soil and flourish. You depend on me way more than I depend of you, but I like to take care of things. I’m sorry I ever let you down, you beautiful creature.